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75 Town Centre Drive Rochester, NY


Our Goal is to offer easily accessible interactive listings of local businesses with website and email links, maps with directions, and video content which will make the yellow pages come alive Online. Currently, there are over 2600 online phone books within our network with new ones being added each month. Each new Yellow Page Directory is specifically designed to resemble the actual print directories delivered to homes across America. Each new directory is accompanied by a local community page which includes helpful information on weather, movies, local events, and much much more. With over 8...0 million page views a year and growing, YellowPageCity.com is the place to get your business seen by prospective consumers locally or across the United States. Whether you choose a regular listing or bring your business to the front with a Premium Bold Listing, YellowPageCity.com is the most cost effective way to "GET KNOWN."

Watermark Design Website Image
19120 Freeport St NW #686 Elk River, MN


Hello. We are Watermark Design, a Minnesota Web Design Company. Our goal is to provide top web design & development to start-ups, small businesses, churches and nonprofits through clarifying your message, positioning your client as the hero, tracking results, growing your business through the internet and transparency in all we do.We love working with the curious, the novices, the outdated, the little guys, the mom and pop shops, the entrepreneurs and the up-and-comers. We are designers that care and love challenges.Services we provide: Website Design & Development Ecommerce Development Wordpress Website Maintenance SEO Services Website HostingWatermark Design prides itself on creativity, results and reliability.

Prime Advertising + Design Website Image

Prime Advertising + Design got its start in 1993 with a mission of being a total resource in the areas of marketing, advertising, website development, and technology and having fun along the way. Since that time, the company has experienced incredible growth, providing a large array of marketing, publishing, website development, advertising, public relations, digital indoor advertising, and communications services for clients, residents, businesses, local governments, visitors, and others.

We are proud of our accomplishments but remain well grounded by our dedication to our original goal of giving back to the communities we serve by providing a valuable local information source.

Now in our fourth location here in Maple Grove, part of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) Minnesota, PRIME is ready to work with your company and enhance the way your customers and prospective clients perceive your business. We specialize in making our clients more successful and we have the track record to prove it!

Blue42 Agency Website Image
9325 Upland Ln N Ste #310 Maple Grove, MN


Our mission at Blue42 is to provide our clients with next-generation marketing and web-based services that deliver peace of mind and a competitive advantage! Our team of marketing, design and web development professionals provide excellent service to clients and help achieve their marketing goals.

Prime Community Publications Website Image

Prime is truly a one-stop shop when it comes to delivering effective and efficient opportunities to reach residents within the community. The most successful marketing plans include a blend of print, digital, social media, as well as events and sponsorships. Prime allows you to do this in a number of ways, including direct mail into homes as well as connecting digitally with families out of home and on the go. We are a full marketing agency, and are equipped to provide you with a variety of advertising options. We offer many different venues in which your business can advertise, including Official Guides & Publications, Digital Indoor Advertising, Community Ice Arenas, Transit Stations, and local/national TV, cable, radio and much more. Let our media experts create a dynamic marketing plan that will help create a customer path through your front door. For more information call 763-551-3726 or visit our website.

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