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Roof to Deck Restoration is Minnesota's leading wood restoration company. Our safe and unique low pressure process will safely protect your home's exteriors from the harsh effects of the weather, while at the same time making it beautiful again. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, and are certified by the PWNA. Request a free online estimate today!
Deck Cleaning and Sealing, Pressure Washing
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Deck, Fence and Outdoor Wood Cleaning & Staining, Cedar Roof Cleaning and Sealing/Staining, Asphalt Roof Cleaning (removal of black streaks and stains), Log Home and Cedar Siding Cleaning and Staining, House Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Power Washing, Christmas Lighting Design and Installation, Ice Dam Removal via Steaming

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At the law office of Janet L. Goehle, Attorney at Law, in St. Paul, Minnesota, we believe that the art of negotiation is infinitely more valuable to family law attorneys and their clients than a penchant for being pushy. My 23-plus years of successful outcomes in the full spectrum of family law issues confirm this approach.

As a St. Paul divorce and family law lawyer, I understand how emotionally taxing divorce can be for all family members. That is why I take a holistic approach to providing legal representation. I aim to reduce stress by proactively dealing with the emotions that cause flare-ups and stalemates between spouses.
Attorneys, Child Support Services, Divorce and Family Attorneys

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