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Based in St. Louis, Missouri, The Dixon Injury Firm represents clients in a wide range of legal matters: motor vehicle (e.g., car, truck, taxi, Uber, Lyft, bus, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.) or pedestrian accidents, brain injury, workers' compensation, slip-and-fall, dog bite, burn injury, as well as wrongful death. Since 2009, their award-winning team is driven by a passion for justice and a commitment to standing up against negligent and wrongful conduct.

The Dixon Injury Firm offers free initial consultations and contingency fees, meaning clients do not owe any attorneys' fees unless the firm wins their case. They are available 24/7. Call today to schedule a free initial case evaluation!
Attorneys, Malpractice Attorneys, Personal Injury Attorneys, Trial Attorneys, Workers Compensation Attorneys, Wrongful Death Law Attorneys
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Car Accident Attorneys, Personal Injury Attorneys, Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys, Insurance Claims Lawyer, Medical Malpractice Attorneys, Class Action Attorneys, Workers' Compensation Attorneys, Defective Drugs Lawyer
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Injured due to someone else's negligence? You deserve justice and compensation. A personal injury attorney is your key to navigating the legal maze. We evaluate your case, collect crucial evidence, and negotiate aggressively with insurance companies. If it comes to it, we'll represent you in court to ensure your rights are protected. Don't go it alone; let our expertise work for you. Contact us now to maximize your chances of a successful outcome.
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